How to Choose the RIGHT Time to File for Social Security

Find out how to simplify the rules and use them to your advantage so you can get every dollar in benefits you deserve. 


In this Workshop, you'll learn:


The 9 Factors to Consider BEFORE You File for Benefits

In my years of studying the system, and talking to thousands of people who were making the decision to file for Social Security, I've come to realize that it usually comes down to considering just a few unique factors.

I'll carefully walk through each one of these factors so you can decide for yourself if they apply to you.


How to Coordinate Your Social Security Filing Decision with Your Other Assets & Income for a Tax Efficient Distribution Strategy  

The "delay filing for benefits as long as possible" rule of thumb needs to be trashed. The truth is, the optimal filing date is linked to your other assets & income and your retirement spending goals. 

There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all filing strategy. 


Why This Is The Biggest Decision of Your Retirement

There are no second chances or "do overs" once you file for benefits. Get it right the first time, or be stuck with a bad decision for life. 

We'll give you the answers you need to prevent unknowingly making a bad (and potentially irrevocable) decision. 

This Online Workshop is a Must Attend if...

  • You're a soon-to-be retiree who wants to make sure they receive all the benefits that they have earned
  • You're a detail-oriented planner who wants to double check your knowledge and make sure you didn't miss any details
  • You want to make sure that your Social Security filing strategy won't cost you unnecessary taxes
  • You've heard conflicting information and are looking for the right answer
  • You've heard the horror stories of bad filing decisions and want to avoid making one yourself

A Personal Invitation From The Instructor...

If we haven't met yet...I'm Devin. I'm a full time financial planner who's passionate about simplifying Social Security.

As a result of the more than one million people per month that consume the articles and videos I create, I get's LOTS of questions.

The one I'm asked most often? 

"What's the right age to file for Social Security?"

I know that making a decision about when to file for Social Security can seem difficult at first, but you really have no other MUST spend some time in careful thought and analysis BEFORE you file for benefits. 

I can show you how to simplify this decision with a clear cut process so you'll be confident you're making the right choice.

When we finish, you'll be much more confident that you can make the right filing decision. 

See you in the workshop! 



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