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There’s a BIG PROBLEM with today’s version of professional retirement planning - most financial professionals are not equipped to give comprehensive advice on Social Security.  

The mass affluent investors are catching on to this and are actively looking for an advisor who can help them. For many of them, Social Security will be 50% of their retirement income and they are not ok with leaving that up to an advisor who does not fully understand how the system works.

Who can blame them? Think about this for a minute:

  • Would you hire an accountant to help you with 50% of your taxes
  • Would you hire an attorney to write 50% of your will?
  • Would you accept your doctor treating 50% of your illness?

Of course you wouldn’t! So why do so many advisors think their clients will settle for guidance on only 50% of their retirement income?

Hint: These clients aren’t settling with limited advice...they are changing advisors. 

If you’re not talking to your clients about Social Security right now, you’re taking a big risk:  Nationwide’s 2021 survey on consumer sentiment around Social Security found 72% of clients would be likely to switch financial planners if their current planner couldn’t give them satisfactory help with their Social Security benefit decisions. 

That should be a sobering number for the advisers who aren’t actively helping their clients with Social Security, and a compelling statistic that makes the case for becoming your clients’ go-to Social Security expert.

The good news is that acquiring this high-demand skill set has never been easier or more convenient. It all starts by earning the RSSA® credential, the gold-standard professional credential that demonstrates competency on issues related to Social Security.


Here's what you'll learn...

In the 5-course training program, you'll learn: 

  1. The history of the Social Security program and possible scenarios to keep the program solvent

  2. The right way to calculate spousal and survivor benefits

  3. How to estimate future Social Security benefits even if earnings change

  4. How to navigate the Windfall Elimination Provision and the Government Pension Offset 

  5.  Options for optimizing Social Security income while minimizing retirement income taxes

  6. The correct way to calculate and apply the family benefit maximum

  7. The 10 factors everyone should consider before they file for benefits 

  8.  The eligibility requirements for Social Security disability insurance and process used to determine eligibility

  9. How benefits are decreased – or increased – depending on the age they are claimed
  10. How to avoid having benefits withheld if you are still working while collecting
  11. The four Medicare parts and types of care & services each part covers
  12. How critical Social Security is for women and the rules they should understand
  13.  How top advisors are using Social Security expertise to deepen and retain relationships with current clients, attract new clients, and get the attention of key referral centers

I can’t wait for you to join me...


If we’ve never met, I’m Devin Carroll. I’m a Registered Social Security Analyst and financial planner who is OBSESSED with studying Social Security and sharing what I’ve learned with others.

When I first started talking about Social Security on my website and YouTube, I didn’t think there was ever a possibility of any of these channels getting very large.

I was wrong!

Now my YouTube channel has more than 355,000 subscribers and between Youtube and my blog there are more than a million people per month who read my articles or watch my videos.

I don’t say any of this to boast...this success took me by complete surprise. But it has made one thing very clear...there is a tremendous demand for help with Social Security.

 Obtaining the RSSA® credential is the best way to position yourself as the advisor who is equipped to help meet this demand.

Before you enroll, be sure to use my special promo code "devin250" in the checkout. This will save you $250 on the initial cost. 


Devin Carroll, RSSA

Step 1

The 5-Course Training & Education Program

Save $250 with promo code "devin250"

Learn Social Security strategies & law, how to use specialized software to maximize clients' Social Security benefits & grow your business

Step 2

Pass the Exam & Earn Your RSSA® Credential


Register to take & pass the National RSSA® Competency Final Exam to become a Registered Social Security Analyst (RSSA®)


Step 3

Membership & Support After Passing the Exam


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