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If you’re like most people in my audience, you’re probably thinking about your retirement...

This should be an exciting time -- but you could be more stressed than ever because you're finding the amount of information you have to sort through and make decisions with is overwhelming.

You may find yourself asking questions like:

  • Is the information I’ve been told about Social Security correct? What’s true, and what does (or doesn’t) apply to me?
  • How do I know what to believe if I hear conflicting information?
  • Am I maximizing the income I could receive from Social Security?
  • How does my filing strategy fit with the rest of my retirement plan?

Any of those questions sound familiar? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get clarity? Know the right answers? Feel confident that you’ve made the best choices for you and your future?

Now you can. You don’t have to keep wondering, second-guessing, or feeling doubtful that you’re doing things right.

My team of Registered Social Security Analysts can show you how to cut through the confusion and build a plan that gets you and your family every dollar in benefits that you deserve. 

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“I worked with Norm H, and he did a great job. After gathering some information, he prepared a Social Security analysis that explained our options and the financial impacts. We followed his recommendation, and we are sure we made the right filing decision for our family. A great experience!”

Peggy K.



“The RSSA expert contacted me quickly and answered my questions about my spousal benefits. I am upset that I may have received benefits for many years prior to my application because of the erroneous information I received from the Social Security Administration's own staff at the Chicago Headquarters.”

Elaine W.  

“I appreciated the simplification of a complex decision regarding when to claim Social Security benefits. Working with an RSSA is very worth the money and time to understand your specific situation. I would highly recommend anyone to utilize these services to make an informed decision regarding Social Security. 

Michael S. 


Who should reserve a consultation?

Over the past several years, we've helped hundreds of individuals with unique issues. Through that experience, we've found that most of our consultations have expressed one (or more) of the following objectives.

  1. You want to make sure you get all the benefits you deserve

  2. You want to make sure your filing decisions won't harm your surviving spouse

  3. You need a better estimate of future benefits than the SSA provides

  4. You already know a lot about the Social Security system, but just want to double check your knowledge on a few things

  5. You're worried that what you don't know may hurt you

  6. You've heard lots of conflicting information and want to find out the real answer

  7. You want to make sure you understand what benefits you do, and do not, qualify for 

  8. You recognize that this is your retirement and no one will feel the pain of mistakes like you will


I can’t wait to see you on the schedule...

I know that the Social Security system can seem confusing, hard to navigate, and at times, impossible to understand. There is a massive rule book and more than 100,000 pages on the SSA website. This makes trying to find the answers that apply to your unique situation a seemingly overwhelming task.

Don’t let this complexity win! Let me show you a way to simplify the rules and use them to your advantage! The decisions you make about Social Security may be the most important decisions you make about your retirement. With my team’s help, you can understand how to get every dollar in Social Security benefits that you and your family deserve.  

When you schedule your consultation you’ll be paired with a Registered Social Security Analyst® (RSSA). These professionals have been through the same training as I have and have a deep understanding of how the program works. They’ll be there to listen to your unique circumstances and make recommendations on strategies to optimize your Social Security. 

If you decide to engage the RSSA, you’ll receive a comprehensive analysis and advice that may provide you with thousands or tens of thousands more in benefits each and every year.

I look forward to hearing about your success! 


Devin Carroll, RSSA

How A Consultation Works


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Fill out a short form with basic information about you. This allows us to maximize our time together on the phone. 

Step #2

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Step #3

At the time of the scheduled consultation, you'll receive a call from one of our Registered Social Security Analysts.


Frequently Asked Questions

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